Hamidreza Sadr

Hamidreza Sadr

About the Speaker

Hamidreza Sadr is a writer, economist, urban planner & sociologist born in 1956, Iran. He obtained his BA in Economy & MA in Urban Planning from the University of Tehran.

Sadr is mostly known for his numerous published articles and books about football and cinema. He started his writing from the early 1980s, and his approach emphasized on the cultural, historical and political context.  

Most of his published books such as Football & Sociology (2000) have been highly successful and amongst bestsellers. Iranian Cinema: A Political History (2006) which is translated to English is the history of Iran through its cinema and Sadr uses the Iranian films to depict the shifting political, economic and social situations. A Boy on the Terraces (2011) is an autobiographical essay based on football and political events observes with some questions of humanity and the structure of Iran society. You Will Die in Cairo (2014) a non-fiction trauma novel detailing key events in the Shah’s life placed among the bestseller books. Sadr also translated two novels: The Damned United and Speak.

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